New book: Message From a Unknown Chinese Mother (Xinran, 2010)

Publié le par Thierry-Patrick GERBER

Xinran was a radio journaliste in China before movig to London where she wrote her best-selling book The Good Women in China (2002), a collection of stories drawn from hundreds of interviews conducted during her time es a presenter on her ground breaking programme "Words on the Night Breeze" (1989-1997). It has now been translater into over 30 languages. She is also the author of Sky Burial (2004); What the Chinese Don't Eat (2006); Miss Chopsticks (2007) and China Witness: Voices From a Silent Generation (2008), a collection of stories from the grandparents of modern China. Her new book, Message From an Unknown Chinese Mother (2010), is a collection of heartbreaking stories from Chinese mothers who have lost or had to abandon children. MESSAGE Xinran: "To support Children's libraries in China, please send picture books and images of United Kingdom (UK)and France life to the following address. Thank you from all the young readers. Mrs ZhuLi Room 605 Building 71, Rui-Jin North-village, Baixia district, Nanjing, PR China 210016
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